A lifelong New Yorker and floral enthusiast, founder and lead florist Audrey Hilfiger first fell in love with flowers in her grandmother’s garden. Since then, she has nurtured this passion and admiration in many ways. After studying alongside several talented florists, Audrey began Audrey in the Garden as a way of connecting to her modern, surprising design inclinations. She is deeply inspired by the art and life held by flowers as well as the way interior design and flowers interact. Audrey’s non-traditional approach to floral design is one of many reasons why she is recognized as a leader in the industry today. In addition to her work as a florist, Audrey is a gardener at Elizabeth Street Garden in New York City. Audrey is passionate about life in all its forms, and she and her team are constantly seeking new ways to advocate for animal injustice and rescue projects.


Our Inspiration

Moving with the Seasons